mypawl app concept and design

scope: branding, ux/ui design

client: fictive

This is a fictive project.

“mypawl” is a mobile app which vows to help pet owners by giving them the best news and advices on various topics such as nutrition, health care, training etc. 
For instance, people could go directly on mypawl to seek for informations and problems such as “my dog is a picky eater”.

The app is like a big “pet encyclopedia” but also provides a precise follow-up of our 4-legged best friend and displays in a tailored way recommendations and advices. It can also serves as a calendar/reminder for your pets incoming vet visits etc. 

The app also includes a “community” section where pet owners, pet rescue centers can share information. For instance a dog for adoption or a lost cat…

Finally, because users don’t necessarily have the time to read an article at the moment or remember it perfectly, mypawl features a “saved” tab. Thus allowing people to easily save articles and posts. 🐾


an app that helps you give the best care to your pets.

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