Xiang xiang brand concept

scope: branding, packaging

client: fictive

Little context: I’ve gotten the opportunity to do an amazing 4-month internship abroad at CreativeCapital Shanghai. During those 4 months, I’ve gotten to deepen my knowledge of the chinese culture, discover new people and China’s beautiful and rich landscape.

This is a fictive project inspired by my experience there.

Since scents are really important in China (interesting article on Jing Daily here),
I wanted to design some chinese inspired candles’ packaging that would refer to the country’s special landscapes, traditions and would send out a nostalgic feeling.

I imagined a luxury brand that would have a premium packaging and which main target would be wealthy main-landers.

I wanted this brand to focus on nostalgic feelings. The word « nostalgia » immediately ringed another word to my head which were: « hometown » : jiaxiang. I figured out I could use the « xiang » in « jiaxiang » with the character used for scent/perfume which is pronounced the same way : « xiang ».

As for its visual identity, I wanted it to be premium, elegant and simple. On the other hand, the illustrations on the packaging are really detailed and inspired from some pictures I took during my trip.

Naming xiangxiang
illustrations xiangxiang
Candle - temple
Candle lake
Candle 3/4 view
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